Please note that all prices have increased as of January 2016


I'm offering a line of ready to wear breeches in two styles: Venetians (16th century) and Dutch Slops. Breeches will done in wool with muslin lining. Right now I am making them in four sizes with a 6” adjustable lacing placket in the back. They are listed as Medium (32” to 39” waist), Large (37” to 44” waist), X-Large (42" to 49" waist) and a XX-Large (47" to 54" waist).

All breeches can be made out of the following fabrics and weights:

Light Weight Wool Colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Olive Green, Hunter Green and Walnut Green.

Heavy Weight Wool Colors: Madder Red, Brown, Rupert's Blue, Blue/Grey, Black, Hodden Grey, Bright Blue & Swedish Grey. (coats and cassocks only)

Heavy Weight Linen Colors: Black, Dirt Brown, Rust, Olive Green, Charcoal Grey, Navy and Medium Blue. Please note that I sometimes have other colors in stock that are not listed here. So, if you are interested in a specific color not listed, please contact me. I may have it.

Please note when ordering that all clothing will be made to order with normal delivery delays (unless otherwise noted by me when you call or email).




Pleas note these are 16th century breeches and are worn on the hips. There is a 2”wide waistband, bead buttons, 7 button fly and matching tie garters built in to the knee bands. These breeches are more fitted than slops and sit primarily on the natural waist. **Please note that X-Large and XX-Large Venetians will not available due to the cut of the breeches.

Light Weight Wool & Linen Prices

BreechVM - Medium - $ 85.00
BreechVL - Large - $ 85.00


***Please note that pockets can be added to the breeches for an additional charge of $25




These are made be worn around the waist (with a low hanging crotch) or at the sternum (with the crotch hanging in the normal position). These breeches are now being made similar to the the "baggy" breeches in the new Stuart Press Clothing Series books. However, they still have the gusset for size and are not pleated as they were previously made by me.

 Light Weight Wool & Linen Prices

 BreechDSM - Medium - $ 85.00

BreechDSL - Large  - $ 85.00

BreechDSXL - X-Large - $95.00

BreechDS2X- XX-Large - $95.00

***Please note that pockets can be added to the breeches for an additional charge of $25





The chemise is offered in large only. They have a draw string at the neck and wrist.  The sleeves are three quarter length and not to the wrist and are ankle length (not to the ground).

Chemise - Lady's chemise, Bleached or unbleached muslin, large $ 30.00

ChemiseNL - Lady's chemise, Natural Linen, large $ 40.00

ChemiseWL - Lady's chemise, White Handkerchief Linen large $ 50.00




All coats are made according to the pattern for the “conjectural coat” on page 24 of Common Soldiers Clothing of the Civil Wars 1639-1646: Volume 1: Infantry . They have the winged shoulders, 2” standing collar, and wood bead buttons. Please specify if you need ties (New Model).


PLEASE NOTE that the coats are based on neck size NOT chest size and are as follows:

Light Weight Wool & Linen Prices

CoatM - Medium $ 120.00 (roughly a 38 - neck:15-1/2")
CoatL - Large $ 120.00 (roughly 42 - neck:16")
CoatXL - X-Large $ 120.00 (roughly 46 neck:17")
Coat2X - XX-Large $ 125.00 (roughly 50, neck 18")
Coat3X - XXX-Large $ 125.00 (roughly 54 - neck size 22).

Heavy Weight Wool Prices

CoatM - Medium $ 130.00
CoatL - Large $ 130.00
CoatXL - X-Large $ 130.00
Coat2X - XX-Large $ 135.00
Coat3X - XXX-Large $ 135.00

All coats will be made upon request. Coats are made of wool or linen. The wool shell colors available are Madder Red, Chocolate Brown, Rupert's Blue, Black, Blue/Grey, Bright Blue, Mustard Yellow, Hunter Green, Swedish Grey, Hodden Grey, Walnut Green and Olive Green. Coat shell can also be made out of linen. Coat Linings will be made of Fustian fabric unless otherwise requested.

It is suggested that you email or call before ordering, since the sizing of these coats is not the modern dress coat sizes. These coats are based on neck/chest size and you may take a larger size than you think in order to wear it comfortably. Additionally, the fit will also depend on whether your unit wears a wool, fustian lining or linen lining. Also, keep in mind when ordering as there is a 15% restocking fee for returned items not exchanged for another size and return shipping will not be credited or refunded.


As show above in Hodden Grey



This is available and are sized to fit over any coat. As pictured it is button as would a coat, however, it can be buttoned together to look like a cape.

The cassock is slightly longer than the coat and has approximately 60 buttons. Shell and lining are both made of coat wool. - $225.00





HatFC - Elizabethan flat cap, one size fits all, just clip to fit. Made of heavy grade wool. (Madder Red, Brown, Black, Bright Blue, Rupert Blue, Hodden Grey, Swedish Grey, Off White, Hunter Green, Mustard Yellow and Chocolate Brown) - $15.00




HatMC - Monmouth caps, knitted of 100% wool. My knitter is involved in the process from the shearing to the shipping. The shipment of caps I received are chocolate brown, natural and a tan color. If you have any questions about the colors, please email me or ask about them when you call with your information. - $42.00



Please note that all shirts will be made to order.

Please note: All shirts listed are long enough to fall almost to the knee, have 1" cuffs with one wood button, and two wood buttons on the collar. Collars differ as to the style.

 Unbleached Muslin Elizabethan Lace Collar shirt: $45.00 Each

Sizes are as follows:
ShirtLaceMUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, medium
ShirtLaceLUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, large
ShirtLaceXLUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, extra large
ShirtLace2XUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, XX-large
ShirtLace3XUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, XXX-large

Bleached Muslin Elizabethan Lace Collar Shirt: $45.00 Each

ShirtLaceMB -Bleached Muslin shirt, medium
ShirtLaceLB - Bleached Muslin shirt, large
ShirtLaceXLB -Bleached Muslin shirt, extra large
ShirtLace2XB - Bleached Muslin shirt, XX-large
ShirtLace3XB - Bleached Muslin shirt, XXX-large

Heavy-duty fustian (linen warp, cotton weft) Elizabethan Lace Collar $65.00

ShirtLaceMF - Fustian shirt, medium
ShirtLaceLF - Fustian shirt, large
ShirtLaceLXF - Fustian shirt, extra large
ShirtLace2XF - Bleached Muslin shirt, XX-large
ShirtLace3XF - Bleached Muslin shirt, XXX-large


Shirt Lace Collar

 Natural Linen Elizabethan Lace Collar Shirt $65.00 (Lace on collar will be white)

ShirtLaceMNL - Natural Linen shirt, medium
ShirtLaceLNL - Natural Linen shirt, large
Shirt:aceXLNL - Natural Linen shirt, extra large
ShirtLace2XNL - Natural Linen shirt, XXX-large
ShirtLace3XNL - Natural Linen shirt, XXX-large
** The above is also available in a slubby white linen for $65.00

White Handkerchief Weight Linen Elizabethan Lace Collar Shirt - $85.00 each

ShirtMFBWL - White Linen shirt, medium
ShirtLFBWL - White Linen shirt, large
ShirtXLFBWL - White Linen shirt, extra large
Shirt2XFBWL - White Linen shirt, XXX-large
Shirt3XFBWL - White Linen shirt, XXX-large



4” Falling Band Collar Shirt


Falling Band Collar Unbleached Muslin Shirts $45.00 Each 
ShirtMFBUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, medium
ShirtLFBUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, large
ShirtXLFBUB -Unbleached Muslin shirt, extra large
Shirt2XFBUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, XX-large
Shirt3XFBUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, XXX-large

 Falling Band Collar Bleached Muslin Shirts $45.00 Each

ShirtMFBB - Bleached Muslin shirt, medium
ShirtLFBB - Bleached Muslin shirt, large
ShirtXLFBB -Bleached Muslin shirt, extra large
Shirt2XFBB - Bleached Muslin shirt, XX-large
Shirt3XFBB - Bleached Muslin shirt, XXX-large

 Falling Band Collar Heavy-duty fustian (linen warp, cotton weft) Shirt $65.00 each

ShirtMFBF - Fustian shirt, medium
ShirtLFBF - Fustian shirt, large
ShirtXLFBF - Fustian shirt, extra large
Shirt2XFBF - Fustian shirt, XXX-large
Shirt3XFBF - Fustian shirt, XXX-large
 Falling Band Collar Natural Linen Shirt $65.00
ShirtMFBNL - Natural Linen shirt, medium
ShirtLFBNL - Natural Linen shirt, large
ShirtXLFBNL - Natural Linen shirt, extra large
Shirt2XFBNL - Natural Linen shirt, XXX-large
Shirt3XFBNL - Natural Linen shirt, XXX-large
** The above is also available in a slubby white linen for $65.00

Falling Band Collar White Handkerchief Weight Linen Shirt - $85.00 each

ShirtMFBWL - White Linen shirt, medium
ShirtLFBWL - White Linen shirt, large
ShirtXLFBWL - White Linen shirt, extra large
Shirt2XFBWL - White Linen shirt, XXX-large
Shirt3XFBWL - White Linen shirt, XXX-large


2” Standing Collar Shirt

Shirts are the same as the 4" falling band collar style, gussetted in the neck and underarm, but with a 2" high standing collar and wood buttons.


Standing Collar Unbleached Muslin Shirts $45.00 Each 
ShirtMSCUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, medium
ShirtLSCUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, large
ShirtXSCBUB -Unbleached Muslin shirt, extra large
Shirt2XSCUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, XX-large
Shirt3XSCUB - Unbleached Muslin shirt, XXX-large

 Standing Collar Bleached Muslin Shirts $45.00 Each

ShirtMSCB - Bleached Muslin shirt, medium
ShirtLSCB - Bleached Muslin shirt, large
ShirtXLSCB -Bleached Muslin shirt, extra large
Shirt2XSCB - Bleached Muslin shirt, XX-large
Shirt3XSCB - Bleached Muslin shirt, XXX-large

 Standing Collar Heavy-duty fustian (linen warp, cotton weft) Shirt $65.00 each

ShirtMSCF - Fustian shirt, medium
ShirtLSCF - Fustian shirt, large
ShirtXLSCF - Fustian shirt, extra large
Shirt2XSCF - Fustian shirt, XXX-large
Shirt3XSCF - Fustian shirt, XXX-large
Standing Collar Natural Linen Shirt $65.00
ShirtMSCNL - Natural Linen shirt, medium
ShirtLSCNL - Natural Linen shirt, large
ShirtXLSCNL - Natural Linen shirt, extra large
Shirt2XSCNL - Natural Linen shirt, XXX-large
Shirt3XSCNL - Natural Linen shirt, XXX-large
** The above is also available in a slubby white linen for $65.00

 Standing Collar White Hankerchief Weight Linen Shirt - $85.00 each

ShirtMSCWL - White Linen shirt, medium
ShirtLSCWL - White Linen shirt, large
ShirtXLSCWL - White Linen shirt, extra large
Shirt2XSCWL - White Linen shirt, XXX-large
Shirt3XSCWL - White Linen shirt, XXX-large



Stocking02 styles are a little heavier, I believe are pure cotton. Stocking03, 04 & 05 are a soft wool. They are definitely soft.

Stocking02 - Available in (top middle) Blue, (left side from top to bottom) Dark Green, Navy, Maroon, Natural, Bright Blue, and Walnut Green, (right side from top to bottom), Charcoal, Mustard, White and Brown, (not shown) Bright Red - $ 12.00/pair
Stocking03 - Available in Natural Wool (Left side Top)- $28.00/pair
Stocking04 - Available in Grey Wool (right side bottom)- $28.00/pair
Stocking05 - Available in Brown Wool (Bottom left), Green Wool (middle top) and Navy Wool (Right side top) Not shown - Black Wool - $28.00/pair
StockingSilk - Not Pictured - off white silk stockings. Over the knee. $12.00/pair
Please specify type of stocking (cotton, wool or silk) and color when ordering.


 Stocking 002

(Purple discontinued)

 Stocking 003, 004 & 005


This pattern is based on information from a number of sources. These sacks are made with hemp canvas, have a drawstring at both ends and a leather belt with brass buckle. Snapsacks can be sent with no holes punched so that you can size them.

Sack001 - $40.00



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