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Food and Cookery


Dark Age and Classical

Stuart324 - Food and Diet among Franks and Anglo Saxons 410 AD to 1066AD Robert Morris 17p $4.00



Stuart148 - Medieval Feast Menus 1380-1450. Menus from period cookbooks Robert Morris 24p $5.00

Stuart339 - Medieval Middle Class Feasting. Robert Morris. C15th Coventry guild feasts. 32p $6.00

Stuart308 - Dining in the Past 1450-1700 Etiquette and practice Jonathan Davies 44p $7.00

Stuart392 - The Medieval and Renaissance Spice Trade 1100-1560. Menus from period cookbooks. Jonathan Davies. 28p. $5.00

Specific Types of Dish:

Stuart340 - Recipies from Miscelaneous Manuscripts 1420-1499: Robert Morris - 20p $4.00

Stuart336 - Medieval Cookery 1430-1440 Divers Pottages Vol 1 Robert Morris 40p $6.00

Stuart300 - 15th Century Pies and Tarts: Robert Morris - 36p $6.00




Stuart388 - The Gourmet's Guide 1580-1660: The very best of period cookery. The original recipes with modern interpretation. Stuart Peachey. 60p - $9.00

Stuart396 - The Tipplers Guide to the Mid 17th Century. A comprehensive guide as to the drink consumed and made, the law on drinking and a brief guide to drinking vessels. Includes many recipes. Identifies many of the wines used as ingredients in cookery. Stuart Peachy -84p $12.00

Food and Cookery in the Green Valley: Farmhouse Cookery in the early 17th Century. Stuart Peachey.

Stuart320 - Volume 1: Diet, Cooking techniques and bread and other baking recipes. 48p $8.00

Stuart322 - Volume 2 All other recipes. 48p $8.00

Stuart132 - Festivals and Feasts of the Common Man 1550-1660: Stuart Peachey. A study of the nature of the festivities and the foods prepared. May day, the 12 days of Christmas, Harvest Home, Wakes and many more. 28p - $5.00

Stuart232 - Farmhouse Christmas Fare 1580-1640. Based on the Radio Wales Christmas Day broadcast, this work gives original recipes with modern instructions for the food and drink that might have been consumed at Christmas by a modest farming family at that date. Stuart Peachey, Robert Morris and Turloch Mc Sween. 16p $4.00

Cookery Techniques and Equipment 1580-1660 Stuart Peachey

Stuart218 - Volume 1: Fuel and cooking methods and equipment including ovens, roasting, boiling, grilling etc $9.00

Stuart220 - Volume 2: Food preparation methods and equipment including grinding, sorting, drying, cutting, colouring etc.$9.00

Stuart302 - 17th Century Vegetable Uses T. McSween. A brief guid to vegetables and their uses. 12p. $3.00

Stuart342 - The Armada Cookbook: Stuart Peachey. An introduction to late 16th and early 17th century cookery with recipes. Partizan Press - $6.00

Stuart398 - The Yeoman’s Food 1580-1660 A study of the diet of well to do Yeoman Stuart Peachey 24p $5.00

Stuart326 - Food and Drink in Shakespear’s England . 44p $8.00

Stuart318 - Feast and Banquet Menus 1580-1660. Menus from period cookbooks Stuart Peachey 44p $5.00

Stuart226 - Dining in the Past 1450-1700. Etiquette and practice. Jonathan Davies 44p $7.00



Stuart316 - Early 17th Century Imported Foods Stuart Peachey. The origins and nature of imported foods in England. 32p. $6.00

Stuart356 - The Book of Cheese 1580-1660. This work is designed to help identify the types of cheese being produced and consumed in England and Wales. Stuart Peachey 16p $4.00

Stuart244 - Maritime Fish and Fishing 1580-1660. Stuart Peachey 84p $12.00

Stuart396 - The Tipplers Guide to the Mid 17th Century. A comprehensive guide as to the drink consumed and made, the law on drinking and a brief guide to drinking vessels. Includes many recipes. Identifies many of the wines used as ingredients in cookery. Stuart Peachy -84p $12.00


Specific Types of Dish


Stuart376 - The Book of Salads. 1580-1660. Stuart Peachey 28p $5.00

The Book of Pies 1580-1660. A guide to period pies & tarts including pastry making. Includes modern interpretations for the major variants. Stuart Peachey.

Stuart362 - Volume 1: Meat Pies and Pastry. 64p. $10.00

Stuart364 - Volume 2: Fish , Dairy, Egg, Fruit and Vegetable Pies, Tarts and Florentines. 64p. $10.00

Stuart374 - The Book of Roasts 1580-1660. A comprehensive guide to period roasts. Includes sauces and stuffings.Stuart Peachey 64p. $10.00

Stuart360 - The Book of Frying and Grilling 1580-1660. Stuart Peachey 52p $8.00

Stuart344 - The Book of Biscuits and Cakes 1580-1660. Stuart Peachy 36p. $6.00

Stuart354 - The Book of Breads 1580-1660 Stuart Peachey. 24p. $5.00

The Book of Preserving Fruit 1580-1660: Preserves, conserves, marmalades, candies, dry fruit etc. Stuart Peachey.

Stuart368 - Volume 1: Apples -Oranges. 76p $11.00

Stuart370 - Volume 2: Peaches - Strawberries. 64p $10.00

Stuart358 - The Book of Comfit Making 1580-1660. Sugared pills. Stuart Peachey 20p $4.00

Stuart378 - The Book of Sausages 1580-1660 Stuart Peachey 12p $3.00

Stuart372 - The Book of "Puddings" 1580-1660. Puddings as the term was known to the 17th century cook. These were not deserts but puddings in the sense of black puddings, hogs liver and rice puddings plus bag puddings and many more. Stuart Peachey. 40p. $7.00

The Book of Boiled Meats 1580-1660. Stuart Peachey

Stuart346 - Volume 1: Fish. 29p $5.00

Stuart348 - Volume 2: Mutton and Lamb. 28p $5.00

Stuart350 - Volume 3: Beef, Pork and Game. 32p $6.00

Stuart352 - Volume 4: Poultry and Wildfowl. 56p $9.00

Stuart366 - The Book of Pottages and Broths 1580-1660. Stuart Peachey. 16p $4.00


Transcribed Books

Stuart386 - The Good Huswifes Handmaid for the Kitchen. A transcription of a general period cookery book with brief glossary. Edited Stuart Peachey 72p $11.00

John Murrell's Two Books of Cookerie and Carving 1638. Edited by Stuart Peachey.

Stuart332 - Book 1-Recipes and Menues. Contains recipes and menus. 44p. $7.00

Stuart334 - Book 2-Recipes and Etiquette. Comprises a book of recipes and of carving and serving which also includes facinating sections on the roles of main household officials and rules of precedence. Much of the latter sections appeares based on an early 16th century work. 56p. $9.00

Stuart124 - Delightfull Daily Exercises for Ladies and Gentlewomen. John Murrell. Edited by Stuart Peachey. This work contains mainly banqueting rather than feast recipes, banquet layouts and interesting clues to cooking techniques. 1621. 48p. $9.00

Stuart338 - Miscellaneous Recipes Volume 1. A collection of scattered recipes in period works other than cookery books [The Treasury of Hiden Secrets, Richard Symond's Diaries and Izac Waltons Complete Angler]. Stuart Peachey 16p $4.00

Stuart390 - The Ladies Closet Opened The cookery recipes only from the original work dealing with a mixture of dairy, conserving and banqueting dishes. Edited by Stuart Peachey. 32p. $6.00

Stuart304 - A Proper New Book of Cookerye 1545. Jane Huggett 20p $4.00

Stuart106 -A Closet for Ladies and Gentleman. 1636. Banqueting preserves, waters, some medicinal etc. Bootleg Press. 72p $11.00


The Complete Receipt Book of Ladie Elynor Fetiplace: Late Tudor/early Stuart. Volume set transcription of the whole original text. About 90% of the work is household remedies from a country gentlewoman the remainder mainly culinary.

Stuart380 - Volume 1. $9.00

Stuart382 - Volume 2. $8.900

Stuart384 - Volume 3. $9.00

Stuart394 - The Mirror of Health 1450-1660 - Food, diet and medical theory. Jane Huggett. $9.00

Stuart400 -The Widow's Treasury 1639 - A transcription of a public receipt book, mainly medicinal with some culinary and vetinary material $9.00


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