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English Recreation

Stuart118 - Robert Dover and the Cotswold Olimpic Games. Dr. Francis Burns.A description and early history of the Cotswold Olympics established in 1612. .20p $4.00

Stuart132 - Festivals and Feasts of the Common Man 1550-1660: Stuart Peachey. A study of the nature of the festivities and the foods prepared. May day, the 12 days of Christmas, Harvest Home, Wakes and many more. 28p - $5.00

Stuart134 - Games 1580-1660. Turloch Mc Sween. An introduction to the common mans games both outdoor, team and sedentary. 17p $4.00

Stuart108 - The History of Backgammon from Classical times to 1800. Richard Miller 40p $7.00

Stuart166 - History of Alquerque and Draughts from their origins to 1800. Richard Miller 36p $6.00

Stuart168 - The History of Chess from its Origins until 1660. Richard Miller 28p $5.00


Stuart284 -Dances For Living History Events. 1440-1530. Book. Robert Huggett. Period dance instructions and music. 48p $8.00

Stuart288 -Dances For Living History Events. 1570-1660. Book. Period dance instructions and music. Robert Huggett.40p $7.00

Stuart292 -17th Century Dancing Explored. Book. Based on "The English Dancing Master" Period dance instructions and music Peter J.Hood. 28p - $5.00

Stuart294 -Ballads and Music of the Early 17th Century: Book. David Stell. 60p - $9.00

Stuart975 - The Norfolk Trayned Bande Songbook 2007 ed: Alasdair Peachey 32p $9.00


Stuart286 -Dances For Living History Events. 1440-1530. Cassette Tape. Robert Huggett. Music with called moves on side 1 music alone on side 2. Tape Only $5.00

Stuart290 -Dances For Living History Events. 1570-1660. CD. Music with called moves and music alone. Robert Huggett $5.00


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