Food and Cookery


Elizabethan and Early Stuart England


New Cookery Series

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All Books listed in a "black" font color are available for purchase. (Volumes 3 thru 11 and 13 thru 17)

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Part 1: Cookery and Dining Equipment
1  Evidence, Time and Measures
 The Stage: Buildings, Furniture, Fuel and Staff

 Cookery Equipment
3  Culinary Materials
4  Cast Cooking Vessels: Pots, Chafers and Posnets
5  Skillets, Kettles and Pipkins

 Pans, Cauldrons, Furnaces,Leads and Coppers
 Roasting, Grilling and Broiling Systems
 Fireplace Equipment and Chafing Dishes
 Grinding and Separating Equipment
10   Miscellaneous Equipmentand Kitchen Consumables
11   Storage, Transport and Water Supply

Dining Equpment

 Table Linens and Trenchers
13  Knives and Spoons
14   Flatwre
15   Dinng Room Equipment
16   Jugs and Bottles
17   Drinking Vessels

Specialist Equpment

 Brewing and Malting Equipment
19  Dairy Equipment and Products
20  Bread Making Equipment

 Meat Processing Equpment and Butchery


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