Books on 16/17th Century

English Culture & Farming


English Culture

Stuart100 -17th Century Wedding Customs. Denise Taylor. All issues involving weddings and their customs in both the 16th &17th Centurys. 40p $10.00

Stuart102 -17th Century Prices and Wages 1630-1650: R. and J. Huggett and S. Peachey. Common military and civilian wages and prices in war and peace. 32p - $8.00

Stuart104-20 Years of Living History In Britain 1977-1997: Edited by Stuart Peachey. Accounts from many of the key organisers involved of the development of living history in Britain over its first 20 years. 28p.- $7.00

Stuart106 -A Closet for Ladies and Gentleman. 1636. Banqueting preserves, waters, some medicinal etc. Bootleg Press. 72p $15.50

Stuart108 - The History of Backgammon from Classical times to 1800. Richard Miller 40p $10.00

Stuart110 - Bakers 1580-1660: Stuart Peachey. 32p $8.00

Stuart112 - English Baskets 1545–1660: Gilly Vanderkamp. 40p $10.00

Stuart114 - Beds and Bedding 1580-1660. Robert Morris. The materials and types based mainly on probate inventory analysis. 28p. $5.50

Stuart116 - A Short History of Codes and Cyphers. Jonathan Davies. 12p. $4.00

Stuart118 - Robert Dover and the Cotswold Olimpic Games. Dr. Francis Burns.A description and early history of the Cotswold Olympics established in 1612. .20p $5.50

Stuart120 - Courts Leet and Baron: Bootleg Press. A facsimile of a 1650 guide to running minor local law hearings. Ideal for Living History scenarios. 31p. $8.00

Stuart122 - Cutpurses, Highwaymen, Burglers. The professional thief 1558-1660. Dr. Gillian Spraggs 28p $7.00

Stuart124 - Delightfull Daily Exercises for Ladies and Gentlewomen. John Murrell. Edited by Stuart Peachey. This work contains mainly banqueting rather than feast recipes, banquet layouts and interesting clues to cooking techniques. 1621. 48p. $11.00

Stuart126 - Did They Wash in Those Days? Jane Huggett - Personal Hygine, cleanliness and washing in the 14th to 17th centuries. 16p $5.50

Stuart128 - Encounters With Angels. Life of John Pordage a radical devine 1607-1681. Sarah Griffin.24p.$7.00

Stuart130 - Fairs in England 1580-1680: Alison Roddham The nature of fairs and a list of fairs in 1587. 32p $8.00

Stuart132 - Festivals and Feasts of the Common Man 1550-1660: Stuart Peachey. A study of the nature of the festivities and the foods prepared. May day, the 12 days of Christmas, Harvest Home, Wakes and many more. 28p - $7.00

Stuart134 - Games 1580-1660. Turloch Mc Sween. An introduction to the common mans games both outdoor, team and sedentary. 17p $5.50

Stuart136 - The Gods Have Spots. David Appleby. The rather dubious personal lives and business practices of famous period painters. 32p. $8.00

Stuart138 - Jewellery 1350-1660. Jonathan Davies 36p $7.00

Stuart140 - Justice of the Peace 1534. Facsimile of a book on everyday law originally for Justices of the Peace but useful for the observers of the law as well as the enforcers. 40p. $10.00

Stuart142 - Life in Tudor and Stuart England: Stuart Peachey - Designed for Grades 2 and 3 this concentrates on the rural life of the bulk of the population and the contrast with the towns. 16p $5.50

Stuart144 - Measure and Dates 1580 - 1660: Stuart Peachy - A quick guide with modern equivalents for reenactors. Includes a full calendar for the period. 36p $8.00

Stuart146 -

Stuart148 - Medieval Feast Menus 1380-1450. Menus from period cookbooks Robert Morris 24p $7.00

Stuart150 - Needlework A facsimile of a period needlework pattern book. Bootleg Press 20p. $5.50

Stuart152 - Pocket Sundials in the 17th Century. Roger Emmerson 28 p. $7.00

Stuart154 - Early 17th Century Sample Letters and Forms. Robert Morris 24p $7.00

Stuart156 - Singlewomen 1580-1660: Stuart Peachy - The lives of Spinsters, Singlewomen, Maidservants and Maidens [excludes widows]. 16p $5.50

Stuart158 - Soft Furnishings and Table Linen of the Common People 1580-1660: Robert Morris - The materials and types based mainly on probate inventory analysis. 32p $8.00

Stuart160 - The Book of Children. Children and Childrearing 1480-1680 Part 1. Birth to age 7. Children and Childrearing Jane Huggett -32p $8.00

Stuart162 - The Book of Children. Part 2 age 7-14. Children and Childrearing Jane Huggett -36p $8.00

Stuart164 - The Book of Names 1558 to 1660. Elizabethan and early Stuart Christian Names and Cow, Sheep and Horse names. Robert Morris 16p $5.50

Stuart166 - History of Alquerque and Draughts from their origins to 1800. Richard Miller 36p $8.00

Stuart168 - The History of Chess from its Origins until 1660. Richard Miller 28p $7.00

Stuart170 - The King and the Poor Northern Man A facsimilie 1633 Chapbook with transcription. $7.00

Stuart172 - The Labourer 1580-1660 Stuart Peachey. The lifestyle of the agricultural labourer 33p. $8.00

Stuart174 - The Money Monger. Bootleg Press. A facsimile of the Usurers Guide to interest rate tables. 1626. 24p. $7.00

Stuart176 - The Shaking of the Sheets: Death 1350-1660. The attitudes, artefacts and rituals associated with death. Jane Huggett. 36p $8.00

Stuart178 - Tudor Women's Legal Rights. Women, Marriag eand the Law. Aimee Flower.44p. $10.00

Stuart180 - Witchcraft in Seventeenth Century England: Dr. John Swain - 20p $5.50

Stuart182 - Writing the Past A guide to methods, materials and hands 1300-1660 Jonathan Davies.$8.00


Books on 16/17th Century Farming

Stuart200 - A Suffolk Tudor Dairy. Bartholemew Dowe 17p $5.50

Stuart202 - Agricultural Hand Tools 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. 40p. $10.00

Stuart204 - Arable Farming 1580-1660. Volume 1. Rob Stuart. The crops and their cultivation, harvesting, storage and processing on the farm. 48p $11.00

Stuart206 - Arable Farming 1580-1660. Volume 2. Rob Stuart. The crops and their cultivation, harvesting, storage and processing on the farm. 56p $11.00

Stuart208 - Beekeeping and Honey Production 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. $11.00

Stuart210 - Blacksmiths 1580-1660. Stuart Peachey 20p $5.50

Stuart212 - Carpenters 1580-1660 Includes a wheelwright. Stuart Peachey 28p $7.00

Stuart214 - Cattle Farming and Pature Management 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. Dairy and Beef farming. 52p. $11.00

Stuart216 -Charcoal Burning in the 17th Century: Dr. Malcomb Stratford. A practical buide covering period sources and instructions on how to go about charcoal buring today in the traditional manner. 36p. $8.00

Stuart218 - Cookery Techniques and Equipment 1580-1660 Volume 1: Fuel and cooking methods and equipment including ovens, roasting, boiling, grilling etc Stuart Peachey $12.50

Stuart220 - Cookery Techniques and Equipment 1580-1660 Volume 2: Food preparation methods and equipment including grinding, sorting, drying, cutting, colouring etc.Stuart Peachey $12.50

Stuart222 - English Commercial Chemicals 1580-1660. Jonathan Davies 28p $7.00

Stuart224 - English Medieval Agriculture 1000-1485. Robert Morris and Gilly Vanderkamp 45p $8.00

Stuart226 - Dining in the Past 1450-1700. Etiquette and practice. Jonathan Davies 44p $10.00

Stuart228 - Domestic Pewter of 17th Century England. Aidan Campbell 53p. $11.00

Stuart230 - Farmhouse and Cottage Gardens 1580-1660 The establishment and management of period gardens of labourers and farmers. Stuart Peachey 32p $8.00

Stuart232 - Farmhouse Christmas Fare 1580-1640. Based on the Radio Wales Christmas Day broadcast, this work gives original recipes with modern instructions for the food and drink that might have been consumed at Christmas by a modest farming family at that date. Stuart Peachey, Robert Morris and Turloch Mc Sween. 16p $5.50

Stuart234 - Farming, Hunting and Poaching Rabbits and Hares. Rob Stuart 24p $7.00

Stuart236 - Field Boundaries and Gates 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. Fencing, dead and live hedging, walling in stone, brick and mud as well as gates, stiles and hatches. 20p. $5.50

Stuart238 - Fire and Water on the Farm 1580-1660. Fuel and water supply and usage on farms. Rob Stuart 28p $7.00

Stuart240 - Hay Making and Meadow Management 1580-1660. Rob Stuart 12p $4.00

Stuart242 - Horses and Oxen on the Farm 1580-1660. Rob Stuart. 12p. $11.00

Stuart244 - Maritime Fish and Fishing 1580-1660. Stuart Peachey 84p $17.00

Stuart246 - Medieval Sheep, and the Wool Trade. Sheep, Wool and the Wool trade in the Middle Ages Jonathan Davies. $4.00

Stuart248 - Orchard Management 1580-1660 Robert Morris. 36p. $8.00

Stuart250 - Pigs, Goats and Poultry 1580-1660 Rob Stuart. 24p. $7.00

Stuart252 - Public Transport in England and Wales 1580–1642 Robert Morris . 40p. $10.00

Stuart254 - Shepherds and Sheep 1580-1660 The life and activites of shepherds and the management of their flocks in England from 1580-1660. Rob Stuart. 40p $10.00

Stuart256 - The Hovel 1580-1660. Rob Stuart. 17p $5.50

Stuart258 - The Husbandman 1580-1660 The lifestyle of the small farmer. Stuart Peachey.36p. $8.00

Stuart260 - The Uses of Wood 1580–1660. Lists the English uses of the various species. Robert Morris. $10.00

Stuart262 - Wagons, Carts and Pack Animals Farm and military vehicles and pack animals. Rob Stuart. 20p $5.50

Stuart264 - Women on the Farm 1580-1660: Good book. The role and activities of women on the farm. Robert Morris.40p $10.00


Stuart996 -The Grayhill Living History Scenarios: 1599 & 1643 Robert Morris 16p $5.50

Stuart -- The History of Backwell Hill Wood 1800-2007 Stuart Peachey 16p $5.50

Stuart104 - 20 Years of Living History in Britain 1977-1997 Accounts from many of the key organisers involved of the development of living history in Britain over its first 20 years. Edited Stuart Peachey 28p $7.00