Books on 16/17th Cent. English Intimacy


Stuart190 - 17th Century Sex by Mac Sween and Jones - A guide to period sexual practice, with re-enactment research. Quite humorous, yet extremely serious in it's treatment of the subject content. $5.50

Stuart191 -Advanced 17th Century Sex: An illustrated guide based on Italian/Dutch woodcuts. 16p - $5.50

Stuart192 -Lust 1450-1660: Jane Huggett. How to provoke it, restrain it and deal with the consequences. 16p - $5.50

Stuart193 -The Language of Lust: Jane Huggett. Sexual terminology and common phrases from the period. This one is hard to keep in stock. 24p - $7.00

Stuart194 - Bastardie: The consequences of fathering a bastard for the parents and the child's upbringing with samples of the documentation involved. Stuart Peachey 16p $5.50